Kimmel Hopes to Escalate Trump’s Weird Anti-Immigration Spat with Ron DeSantis (Video)

On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel talked about many things during his monologue: National Voter Registration Day (which is today). His run of shows next week in Brooklyn. Sidekick Guillermo’s road trip ahead of their week in New York. But of course he also devoted some time to making fun of Republicans generally, and Donald Trump specifically.

In this instance, Kimmel had a big smile over the reports that Trump is currently having something of a beef with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Apparently (because of course) it’s because Trump thinks DeSantis stole his racist publicity stunt in which asylum seekers from South America were told lies and then shipped to Massachusetts, as part of a failed attempt to expose some kind of nonexistent hypocrisy over immigration by liberals. And while talking about it, Kimmel essentially tried to low key escalate the drama.

“Today, by the way, I hope you know, is ‘National Voter Registration Day.’ Voting, as you know, is one of the few rights the Supreme Court hasn’t taken away from women yet. And it’s fun. I mean, not only do you make sure your own voice is heard, my favorite part’s you get to cancel out the votes of people you don’t like,” Kimmel said as he kicked off the monologue.

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“There are a lot of places you can register to vote – and to make sure you’re registered to vote. One of them is Headcount dot org. You can go there right now and sign up. It’s important to vote. You know if you don’t, we could end up with a Senator Herschel Walker, okay,” Kimmel continued.

He then joked that in response to ‘get out the vote’ drives conducted by Democrats in immigrant communities, “Republicans were like, ‘We agree on the ‘Get out’ part!'” Which segued into the Trump-DeSantis squabble.

“Speaking of the get-out movement, Donald Trump is said to be in a very Trumpy feud with one of his celebrity impersonators. You know, Florida Governor Ron DeSanstis and he duped that plane full of Venezuelan families into flying to Martha’s Vineyard?” Kimmel said.

“Well word is, Trump’s upset about that. Not because he cares about the people, he’s upset because he thinks Ron DeSantis stole that idea from him. Can you imagine being such a despicable creep, you’re mad at someone for being a despicable creep sooner than you? It’s like taking credit for being the first guy to put pineapple on pizza,” Kimmel continued.

“But this could get ugly. Here’s another big idea Ronald took from Donald. He’s offering, Ronald, his supporters, a gold card. You get it if you give him 37 dollars. Which sounds awfully similar to. The Trump Gold Card,” Kimmel added.

“Which is accepted everyplace you don’t want to be. But still, I hope Trump doesn’t find out about that. Because you know me, the last thing I want to do is start trouble between these two remarkable men,” Kimmel Joked. “But, man if somebody stole my idea for selling worthless golden rectangles to imbeciles – I would be highly… I would march right over to the Governor’s mansion and give him a little what-for, if you know what I mean!”

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“And by the way, speaking of randomly shipping immigrants around, where the hell is Melania? Has anyone seen her?” Kimmel said as he moved on to other topics. You can watch the whole monologue above now.