Kim Kardashian fans are ripping into her latest Instagram background

Photo credit: instagram/kim kardashian
Photo credit: instagram/kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian sharing a photo on Instagram is nothing new, but fans can't help but crack up at the background of her latest post.

Well, the Kardashian-Jenners are really taking over our timelines right now, aren't they? As well as Khloé's wet-look waves and Kylie giving a glimpse at her six-month old son, Kim just shared a series of snaps wearing Balenciaga.

In them, she's wearing a mini-dress made of belts and a pair of black mask-like sunglasses. Kim added the caption, "When I couldn’t make it to the @balenciaga show @demna sent the show to me."

While some fans are obsessed with the dress the 41-year-old is wearing, many of the comments can't stop laughing at Kim's choice of background. As hairdresser Chris Appleton put, "I know that hole 😂"

Someone else said, "Get off the damn ground Kim damn" while a third put on Twitter, "Did you really just sit in the mud with Balenciaga on?"

Someone else put, "Kimberly. You’re laying in dirt sweetie" and "I know she didn't lay down in mud for the aesthetic"

The Instagram post comes as Kim revealed she was dipping her toe into the world of true crime by launching a podcast. The System dropped on Spotify on Monday 3 October and explores the story of Ohio man, Kevin Keith, and his attempts to prove his innocence. Kardashian is joined as host by criminal justice reform advocate, Lori Rothschild Ansaldi.

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