Kim Kardashian cries while while watching daughter North West rapping

On 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Thursday night, Kim Kardashian was brought to tears over daughter North West rapping on stage for the very first time. Back in March, before COVID-19 sent everyone into quarantine, North broke the internet when she stole the show rapping and singing at her dad Kanye West's Paris Fashion Week 2020 runway show. Kim admitted she was nervous about North performing. "I see her at Sunday Service. but to do something on her own, in front of all these people for the first time, she's never even been up on a stage and practiced. So to see her up there, my nerves are just, like, I honestly start crying because I'm, just, I'm happy for her, but I'm so nervous for her," revealed Kim. However, Kim also shared that, following North's rap debut, she was a very proud mom. "I'm so proud of how confident she is," said Kim. "She obviously gets that from her dad, and it just makes me so happy that she's not afraid to try anything. That, to me, was so much fun to see. You know, she's just so fearless, and I love that about her, and I'm such a proud mom."