KickHouse Rolls Out NFT Merchandise

Live for Cyber Monday, a KickHouse hoodie purchase unlocks a free NFT!

DALLAS, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- KickHouse is taking another step into NFT's with the launch of their second NFT project, which attaches a free NFT to a limited-edition KickHouse hoodie purchase. The NFT apparel item launch is timed with "Cyber Monday," the largest online shopping day of the year. 

This limited-edition KickHouse hoodie comes with a matching NFT.
This limited-edition KickHouse hoodie comes with a matching NFT.

"We wanted to align our second NFT project with Cyber Monday because we know e-commerce or digital purchases in the future will live on the consumer blockchain." said Samantha Salas, Vice President of Marketing at KickHouse. "This project builds on our January NFT collection and continues our quest to educate around the opportunities that exist in web3."

The KickHouse NFT, drawn by artist Nettie Bella, is minted on The Blue Marble.

"Nettie is the perfect artist to collaborate with because her artwork has an empowering strength to it," said Salas. "She's a leading artist in the NFT space and she's setting an example for the next generation of female artists and entrepreneurs."

The free NFTs are minted and distributed by The Blue Marble, an easy-to-use platform that removes friction in the NFT minting process.

"We created The Blue Marble to help with this exact use case: a forward-thinking brand that wants to help their customers take a small step into web3." said Matt Rickard, Co-Founder & COO of The Blue Marble. "Our partnership with KickHouse is a natural extension of our goals and mission."

"Helping people interact with crypto and the blockchain needs to be both fun and familiar. What's more familiar than fitness?" said Dixie Gilbert, Partner Scout's Honor and NFT Strategist for The Blue Marble. "The end goal is to help brands and businesses, like KickHouse, create meaningful crypto 3.0 adoption strategies through creative ideas and solutions like loyalty rewards through NFTs."

Pick up your limited-edition KickHouse hoodie and get a free NFT today! The NFT hoodie can be purchased here: The matching NFT will be delivered in the days following to the email used at product checkout.

About KickHouse:

Founded in July of 2020, KickHouse is a modern kickboxing studio with resilience in its DNA. The KickHouse mission is to help members and communities take their health and kick it up a level! The brand has quickly grown to over 25 locations across the country and is looking to grow to 50 within the next six months. If you're interested in becoming a KickHouse franchisee and opening your own KickHouse studio, visit:

About The Blue Marble:

The Blue Marble is an NFT platform that helps brands connect and retain customers. Built on Stellar and with a mission to 'make web3 easy' The Blue Marble puts the power back into the hands of the marketing team. You can launch NFT campaigns without needing to be a technical guru, customers are onboarded with ease and the platform integrates into other applications such as Shopify, freeing up the marketing team to focus more time on the customer. For more information visit



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