Kevin Holland responds to Joseph Holmes’ ‘fake’ accusations: ‘Don’t use my name for clout’

Kevin Holland has now told his side of the story.

The UFC welterweight responded to fellow UFC fighter Joseph Holmes’ accusations, saying that he was attacked by Holland’s crew on Friday night at a local MMA event in Dallas, Texas. Holland says Holmes’ claims are fake and recounted his version of the situation.

“Last night we were at the XKO fights having a good time, enjoying ourselves, and we’re on our way out,” Holland said on his Instagram. “Of course, I see ‘Ugly Man’ Joe, not going to deny that. He was walking up the stairs, I was walking down the stairs. He didn’t want to walk on the other side of the stairs where the guy he was beefing was, so he walked in my side of the stairs, like I was going to move.

“I was like bro, ‘Chill out.’ As soon as I put my hand up to say chill out, he grabbed me. As soon as he grabbed me, we kind of almost went flying down the stairs. Quick reactions, neither one of us fell over.

“By the time I go to fix my coat, I don’t know what happened. … I don’t remember any of the stuff he talks about. All I remember is him getting into a fight and me breaking it up. Sounds good. That’s the part of the story that sticks. All the other stuff is drama that you (Holmes) have, and that’s between you and another man. Don’t use my name for clout, don’t put me in your bs.”

Holmes says he was simply going up the stairs and Holland tried to stop him, which prompted him to grab Holland. That’s when he was struck by multiple people, according to Holmes. Holmes also said that Holland instructed his people to back off, insinuating Holland had orchestrated an attack.


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Holmes also claimed that there was a bad relationship with Holland and his crew prior to the alleged incident, as they had differences after Holmes dated one of Holland’s uncle’s ex-girlfriends. Holland says he had no involvement in the alleged attack, and the differences are a matter between Holmes and someone else.

Holland wrote on an Instagram story proposing Holmes to spar, rather than UFC fight as Holmes has suggested. Holland still stands by that and explained that the origin of his offer was after Holmes came after his little brother on social media.

“If you want to fight with me, we got gyms,” Holland said. “You said to tell the UFC to send a contract. I doubt the UFC will send you a contract.

“If you want to spar, you can spar me at my gym. My little brother hit you up online. He’s a minor. You shared him on your page, calling him a clown. So of course, I’m going to tag you in stuff like that (saying) if you want to come to my gym and spar for $20,000. I’ll give you a chance to spar for $20,000. … Here I am offering you $20,000 to spar with me.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie