This Kentucky City Is the 'Horse Capital of the World' — and the Horses Will Tell You Why You Should Visit

These reviews are straight from the horse's mouth.

<p>Courtesy of Visit Lexington</p>

Courtesy of Visit Lexington

They say the best recommendations are the ones that come straight from the horse's mouth — and Lexington, Kentucky, is taking that literally.

VisitLEX (the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau) is giving would-be visitors a glimpse into what their vacation to the Bluegrass State could be like by asking actual horses what they think of the Kentucky town, which also happens to call itself the “Horse Capital of the World.” And no, it’s not a remake of Mister Ed. Instead, the visitors bureau turned to renowned psychic medium Carrie Kenady to read the animals and interpret their responses.

“The messages from animals — whether they are alive or crossed over — come to me in many forms. When I look at an animal's picture or do an in-person visit, I immediately feel anything that seems off in their body,” Kenady told Travel + Leisure. “Messages pop into my head as I talk to the owner. Animals love to show me things like their favorite foods and happiest memories. I can discern whether those are my own thoughts or messages from the animal. It's a quick, subtle, and random exchange of energy. I can ask the animal a question and immediately get an answer.”

For the readings, Kenady went to Mill Ridge Farm, home to a few Kentucky-born thoroughbreds and several visiting horses in town for the Breeders’ Cup. Follow her visit: 

Kenady asked the animals questions like, “What do you think about Lexington’s scenery?” and “What do you think about the people here?” In the video, one visiting thoroughbred shared, “I like it better than Canada,” while another added, “The people are so friendly. I love it when they come to visit me.”

As for why the tourism group decided to go with such a unique campaign, VisitLEX President Mary Quinn Ramer explained it was an easy choice, simply because they know visitors trust reviews … even if it’s by an equine friend. 

“As the Horse Capital of the World, we wanted to find a way to generate authentic travel reviews from our most adored, four-legged visitors,” Ramer shared in a statement. “We love our beautiful, bucolic landscapes, which is why we were so curious as to what our native Thoroughbreds, as well as those visiting for races, and sales, think about Lexington.” 

<p>Courtesy of Visit Lexington</p>

Courtesy of Visit Lexington

Even Kenady found her trip to the farm to be more than she expected.

“It's always a beautiful, transformative experience when I visit a horse here in Lexington. Being in their presence is healing, calming, and soulful,” she said. “When I look into their eyes, I feel how majestic, goofy, intelligent, and playful they are.” 

But really, we’re not too surprised horses love the rolling green pastures, the sweet hay, and the friendly people in Kentucky. After all, a horse is a horse, of course of course …

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