Kenny Anderson explains why trade target James Harden isn't a good fit for the Nets

Danny Abriano
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James Harden
James Harden

The Nets have been seeking a third star to go with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and things were percolating in mid-November when it was reported that Harden had turned down a max offer from the Houston Rockets and was focused on a trade to Brooklyn.

Those rumors eventually died down, though, with Houston seeking an enormous haul in return for Harden, whom they were reportedly in no rush to deal.

Speaking recently, Nets GM Sean Marks couldn't address the rumors specifically, but said he didn't see the team shaking the roster up to the point where the Nets were "changing five or six guys."

But with an acquisition of Harden still possible, former Net Kenny Anderson recently explained why he believes Harden wouldn't be a good fit for Brooklyn.

"He’s an awesome player, but not a good fit for the Brooklyn Nets. They got Kyrie [Irving], they got Kevin Durant and let’s build around those two guys and let out young guys grow with [Spencer] Dinwiddie there, [Caris] LeVert. We got a good team and a young nucleus," Anderson said on the Heavy Live with Scoop B show, per Nets Wire. "Steve Nash is a rookie coach. ... let him build and I think we’re gonna be good this year coming up. But with Harden, he would’ve changed all of that a little bit. I really believe that."

Anderson also lauded LeVert, who would likely not be a piece of the Nets' future in the event they dealt for Harden.

"He’s blowing up in the league," Anderson said. "He’s playing very well — now with Kyrie and Kevin Durant there, this guy is gonna be awesome for many years to come. LeVert can shoot the ball and put the ball on the floor, penetrate, has great size, he can pass the ball. ... he can do it all."