KeeSystem Teams up with Monaco Foundry to Offer Its Clients a Time Saving and Sophisticated Data Driven Accreditation Rating System for Startups

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Monaco, French Riviera--(Newsfile Corp. - August 18, 2022) - Monaco Foundry, an impact focused global startup incubator and brain trust of leaders and industry experts, is teaming up with renown fintech company, KeeSystem, to help provide their clients - wealth management firms and family offices - with the world's data driven accreditation rating system for startups. This unique accreditation rating system will provide a proprietary protocol for startup due diligence and continuous monitoring; solving the lack of trust and access between investors and startups.

Since 2009, KeeSystem's mission has been to simplify and improve the daily life of wealth management professionals by helping them digitalise and automate their business with its award-winning portfolio management software KeeSense.

With Monaco Foundry's unique accreditation rating system focused solely on startups, KeeSystem will take the guesswork and arduous process of carrying out the due diligence work for startups from their clients and provide them with a tried and tested accreditation rating system created by top experts in the field.

Monaco Foundry is giving KeeSystem access to a global deal flow of accredited and monitored startups. With over 8,000 investors, KeeSystem sees the true value of adding this world class startup rating system which has its own proprietary scoring system.

Monaco Foundry's automated and highly sophisticated continuous monitoring assessment process will help identify the startups strengths and weaknesses in different areas such as EQ (emotional intelligence) of management, IP (intellectual property), legal documents and financials including their carbon footprint impact. This accreditation process helps startups progress, increase transparency and facilitate investors' decision-making. Once accredited, the platform provides a range for the company's valuation, its own investor prospectus and fact sheet. The final investor's prospectus issued when successfully completing the accreditation gives unique insight into the investability of the company and team as a whole. This will allow KeeSystem to more easily match the startups with investors.

Monaco Foundry is building the largest ecosystem of accredited startups with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs where they can connect with investors. Monaco Foundry is excited to support and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. The Company's vision is to offer access to a one of a kind global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and service providers. This ecosystem will increase the GDP of local economies by increasing the success rate of innovative startups and by offering unprecedented insights into SMEs.

​​Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, Founder and CEO of KeeSystemsaid, "Helping wealth management professionals connect to their value-added ecosystem is part of our DNA. We are excited to give them an exclusive and simple access to a selection of high potential startups and private equity investment opportunities."

Fabrice Marquet, co-Founder of MONACO FOUNDRY, said, "We are thrilled to team up with KeeSystem and provide their clients with the most sophisticated accreditation rating and automated compliance monitoring system which will solve the lack of trust and access between investors and startups."



Headquartered in Monaco, MONACO FOUNDRY is an impact focused global startup incubator and brain trust of global leaders and industry experts. We share a common goal of increasing the success rate for early-stage companies with founders who demonstrate generosity of spirit and with sustainable innovations that can positively impact the lives of people and our planet.

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Founded in 2009, part of the Ebène Group, KeeSystem is a Fintech company based in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco specializing in the digitalization of wealth management businesses for independent management companies and single/multifamily offices around the world. Its mission is to simplify and improve the daily life of private wealth management professionals by helping them increase their impact in terms of services, profitability, and the development of their activity thanks to its portfolio management solution, KeeSense. Customers thus have access to an enhanced version of their business, automatically connected to their entire ecosystem, reducing and mastering the challenges and constraints of the financial industry.

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