kathy ireland® Worldwide Expands Health Advocacy Through Partnership with Ascension Recovery Services To Develop Treatment Centers Serving Those Experiencing Substance Use Disorder Across The United States

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Ascension Recovery Services (Ascension RS) has announced their recent partnership with kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) for the development of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment centers across the country. The kathy ireland® recovery centers will be operated by Ascension RS, and the first treatment center will be located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The first program will open mid-2021 followed by the opening of programs in 5 additional states this year. The partnership's mission is to expand access to care by opening these comprehensive, person-centered SUD treatment centers across the country providing for all who need treatment, regardless of insurance type or ability to pay, advancing Behavioral Health Equity.

Kathy Ireland, image courtesy of Jon Carrasco. Doug Leech, image courtesy of Ascension Recovery Services.
Kathy Ireland, image courtesy of Jon Carrasco. Doug Leech, image courtesy of Ascension Recovery Services.

"Our partnership with Kathy and all of the wonderful folks at kiWW® will allow us to expand access to equitable, affordable, and quality care more rapidly and on a much larger scale, as we leverage our unique resources and capabilities in this synergistic collaboration. Kathy is named one of the top 10 women's health advocates by UCLA and her work as the International Youth Chair for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, along with being an Ambassador and major donor for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, clearly demonstrates Kathy's commitment to the health and wellness of all people," said Douglas M. Leech, Founder and CEO of Ascension RS. "We began working with kiWW® in 2020 to develop a comprehensive solution for expanding access to care for SUD and co-occurring physical and mental health disorders on a national scale. This partnership will play a critical role in addressing the converging crises of SUD and COVID-19, which have exacerbated the negative strain on the healthcare industry, economy, and the population struggling with SUD and co-occurring disorders," continued Mr. Leech.

"Each of us has, will, or is engaged in the war on addiction. It is not a health crisis that anyone can avoid confronting in some form. Whether that confrontation is the addiction of ourselves, or people in our lives, the nightmare is present. Expanding our company's health advocacy into the area of mental health and substance use disorder has been a long-held top priority goal for our company and each of us individually," says Ms. Ireland, Chair and CEO of kathy ireland® Worldwide. "Substance Use Disorder does not discriminate, and unfortunately, access to quality treatment isn't available to everyone equally. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused a surge in alcohol and drug-related use with the virus also eroding social support systems that are critical for an individual in recovery. Doug and the incredible professionals at Ascension share our vision of providing quality and effective treatment for SUD and mental health disorders to all who need it, especially people in underserved areas who do not have access to treatment. This partnership will truly help save and change lives. This relationship is of critical importance to our country, our family, our colleagues, and friends," adds Ms. Ireland.

New Hampshire ranks 3rd in the nation for opioid-related overdose deaths and has limited treatment options for this most vulnerable segment of the population. The primary objective of the centers is to provide innovative, high-quality SUD treatment services in areas that are currently underserved. The center's services will honor multiple pathways to recovery and provide an individualized approach to each client's plan of care.

"We are beyond grateful to live Kathy's passion for recovery in the mental and physical battle of addiction. This crisis has impacted both of our families and lives in the most personal ways. For Kathy to step forward and embrace Ascension and its mission will, we believe, heal many families and save countless lives. We congratulate Ascension, Kathy and everyone at kathy ireland® Worldwide, including Tommy Meharey, who negotiated the relationship, and Steve Glick, who together, will report to Kathy and support the powerful co-management of this venture. kathy ireland® Recovery Centers are dedicated to providing the needed treatment options and support to promote sustained personal recovery, enabling individuals to lead independent and self-sufficient lives," said Jon Carrasco and Stephen Roseberry, Worldwide Creative Director and President/CMO of kathy ireland® Worldwide.

If you or someone you know needs help for a substance use disorder, contact SAMHSA.gov or call 800-662-HELP (4357) to find a treatment center near you.

About kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®)

kiWW® is listed as one of the most powerful brands in the world by License Global Magazine. Kathy Ireland is named one of the 19 most influential women in licensing by License Global magazine, and according to Fairchild Publications, Kathy Ireland is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion. Furniture Today names Kathy one of the most influential leaders in the furniture industry. Kathy graces the cover of Forbes Magazine more times than Sports Illustrated. kiWW® is responsible for billions of dollars in retail sales. kiWW® is the recipient of multiple awards, including several Good Housekeeping Seals. Kathy and kiWW® support many non-profits, including women and children's health, HIV/AIDS, Education, human freedom, life, wars against religious persecution and violence. Kathy is a Board Member of the NFLPI, WNBPA Board of Advocates, an Ambassador and donor for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, and the International Youth Chair for the National Pediatric Cancer Society.

About Ascension Recovery Services

Based in Morgantown, West Virginia, Ascension RS is an innovative provider of strategic advisory, consulting, development, and management services for behavioral health treatment across the country. The majority of employees at Ascension RS are in long-term recovery from SUD and co-occurring disorders. Ascension RS has grown to be a trusted partner in the industry through our passion for helping others struggling with addiction and mental illness combined with our unique experience in opening and managing programs across the entire continuum of care. For more information, visit www.ascensionrs.com


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