Kassidy Brown: The need of community

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Aug. 13—In wake of the severe flooding in Kentucky, I have been thinking a lot about how important it is to offer any help we can give when something like this happens.

There is so much tragedy in the world today with school shootings, domestic and foreign terrorist attacks, the pandemic, and natural disasters.

When these things happen, we see people start to come together despite differences because they want to be able to help those people who become victims of the tragedies that plague them.

People from other communities, states, and countries will show their support for those effected by sending supplies they may need, donating money, or sending help for medical and clean up purposes.

When I think of a time that I had a direct connection to a community that had been struck by a tornado, I think about how quick my parents and their friends were there to help those people start cleaning their now destroyed homes and how quick they were there to help look for missing family members.

It is so important that we come together when disaster strikes because you never know when that could be you.

Looking at the Uvalde shooting of all of those children, I think about the man who made all 19 of the children that had been killed custom caskets free of charge for them.

I think about all of the people rushing to help those families in their time of need.

I think about others who know that same tragedy offering support and help in fighting for gun control legislation that would stop something like this from happening so easily again.

Looking back at the earthquakes in Haiti, I think about all of the aids and supplies we sent to help them when they had nothing left.

Remembering when 9/11 happened, I think about all of those first responders who risked and lost their lives to try and save who they could.

I think about how so many people tried to help people find missing family members and how the whole country was doing their best to support those families who lost loved ones.

There are so many different things that people would just not be able to cope and bounce back from without the support from their community and those around them.

We must know we should always be thankful that it was not us that was impacted, but we also need to remember that it could be someday which means offering help when people need it.

The world we live in today is so dangerous and unpredictable, so coming together to make things better for everyone is a must.

Community is not just about going to local fairs or supporting local businesses which are important to their success, but it is a support system that we build so that when these things do happen, we know we will have people who will aid and support us in our time of need.

In today's world, it is not a matter of it, but a matter of when something bad is going to happen again.

Putting aside all disagreements of religion, politics, morals, and beliefs, we need to be able to just see the people around us as our neighbors, and those neighbors are just important to the community as anyone else.

Everyone is important no matter their race, sexuality, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality, and if they are around us, they are our neighbor, which means we should offer our support when it is needed.

—Kassidy Brown is the Daily Telegraph's Feature's Editor. Contact her at kbrown@bdtonline.com