Kari Lake Busted For Using Russia Troops In 'Secure Our Border' Ad

A new campaign ad for Kari Lake, the hard-right Donald Trump-backed GOP nominee for governor in Arizona, features stock video of Russian soldiers marching in a victory parade.

The footage appears as the narrator of the spot promises Lake, a former local news anchor, will “deploy the National Guard to secure our border,” Heartland Signal reported on Thursday. The original footage is still available to buy from the stock image website Shutterstock.

“If Kari Lake can’t identify a uniformed member of the Arizona National Guard from a Russian soldier, she has no business leading our brave men and women as governor,” Lake’s Democratic rival, Katie Hobbs, told the media outlet.

It’s not the first time Republicans have been busted using stock footage from Russia in their campaign ads.

Last month, the big reveal of the House GOP’s “Commitment to America” promo video was found to contain imagery from both Russia and Ukraine.

The GOP also has used inaccurate stock footage to reference the U.S.-Mexico border. In 2016, an ad for then-candidate Donald Trump featured video from Morocco when discussing unauthorized immigration.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.