Kanye Wonders If He’s Like Alex Jones While Discussing Uvalde With Tucker

Fox News
Fox News

Kanye West went so off the rails during an interview with Tucker Carlson that aired Friday night that even he wondered if he sounded like unhinged conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

In a particularly shocking exchange, West seemed to insinuate—falsely—that the clothing giant Gap had some advance notice of the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas.

“I felt like the people at the Gap knew about the school shooting that Matthew McConaughey was talking about before it even happened,” West, who terminated his partnership with the company last month, said.

“It was so in-synced, the information. And then I heard about it on the radio, driving. And I was like, ‘Am I in The Truman Show right now?’”


“What do you mean the people at the Gap knew about the school shooting?” Carlson asked.

“I am not saying that they did, but it felt so in-sync — this idea of this media rush over the 78 specific outlets that influence…” West said before trailing off.

“So there is a coordinated message, is what you are saying?” Carlson jumped in. West agreed.

“Yeah. Meanwhile, there is the same amount of kids getting killed in Chicago every week, but there is no coordinated message about that. Have I reached Alex Jones territory yet?”

“No, I think you are telling the truth. And that’s okay if you do,” Carlson, who has repeatedly praised Jones, replied reassuringly.

Carlson dedicated practically all of Friday’s broadcast to airing more of his interview with West. During Thursday’s show, West explained his choice to wear a shirt reading “White Lives Matter” at a Paris fashion event by saying that the “idea of me wearing it was funny.”

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