Kansas City man bit cop, crashed into police vehicle to avoid arrest: federal complaint

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A Kansas City man was arrested on weapons offenses last week after he allegedly bit a police officer and crashed into a patrol vehicle while trying to flee capture in a stolen car.

Hussein Ali, 29, is accused in a criminal complaint filed Monday in the U.S. Western District of Missouri of illegal weapon possession, a felony. He was taken into police custody Friday after he allegedly resisted several attempts by officers to arrest him, including by driving off with an officer in the backseat of the car he was driving.

According to the complaint, Kansas City police officers saw a man sleeping in the front seat of a car parked in the 3900 block of North Mulberry Drive on Friday, an agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms wrote in the complaint. The car was a late-model Nissan Altima with a license plate matching a vehicle reported stolen.

Police attempted to wake the man up by speaking to him. After that failed, an officer opened the driver’s side door, causing him to wake up. Ali then began “physically resisting and pulling his hands away from the officer” as another police officer entered the backseat of the car.

At that point Ali allegedly put the car in drive and left the parking lot with one police officer still in the backseat. He then struck a marked Kansas City police vehicle, the complaint alleges, as the officer “struggled to gain control” of the car from Ali, the complaint alleges.

Ali allegedly bit the officer’s hand during the struggle. Once the car came to a stop, Ali left the car “but refused to comply with officer commands and continued to pull away from officers,” the complaint says.

Police fired a taser at Ali’s chest that reportedly had no effect. Officers then “were forced to strike” him as he allegedly continued to resist arrest, the complaint says.

Investigators found two pistols inside a fanny pack he was wearing, the complaint says. One had been reported stolen in Overland Park. Officers also found an unstated amount of U.S. currency and small amounts of black tar heroin, methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

According to court documents, Ali has previous felony convictions in Clay and Jackson counties related to tampering with motor vehicles, resisting a law enforcement stop and domestic assault. Those felony convictions prohibit him from legally possessing a firearm.

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