The Kamala Harris mug Biden purchased during a shop visit yesterday is reportedly already sold out online

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Joe Biden.
Joe Biden. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

President Biden treated himself to a bit of retail therapy on Tuesday afternoon while at the Washington, D.C. small business HoneyMade, "a store located in Barracks Row that sells handcrafted or locally made goods," reports DCist.

Of course, what the president purchased is of just as much, if not more, intrigue than the visit itself. Per DCist, Biden purchased a hoodie for his grandson, a card for first lady Jill Biden, and a Vice President Kamala Harris-themed mug that's reportedly already sold out online.

Shopowner Viboonrattana Honey's daughter is also apparently a fan of the president's, so Biden wrote her a note and gave Honey a coin with the presidential seal to deliver as a gift.

"For him to come here, it means a lot for the small business owners because it's hard for us," Honey said of the visit, per DCist.

Well, if all it takes is the president buying a mug designed after his right-hand woman, we're sure it's the least he could do.

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