Just Breathe Foundation Launches New Program

The new wellness program uses the ancient art of breathwork to significantly decrease employee stress and accelerate productivity almost instantaneously

Washington, D.C.--(Newsfile Corp. - January 20, 2023) - The Just Breathe Foundation recently led a team of employees from a major organization through their signature Breathwork Detox experience. The corporate mindfulness session guided participants through a breathwork technique.

Following the Breathwork Detox practice, guests were treated to a panel discussion with experts Dr. Jack Feldman, a distinguished professor of neurobiology at the University of California who has revolutionized our understanding of the neutral control of breathing and Dr. Helen Lavretsky, a world-renowned psychiatrist who spoke to the practical application of breathwork as a treatment for stress, anxiety and depression.

The result of working with a corporate mindfulness trainer to implement conscious breathing is to reduce stress in the workplace, enhance the quality of interactions between coworkers, and improve productivity. Achieving this ultimately enhances the collective creativity and team building within the organization. These are the primary motivating factors why leading global organizations and government corporations are bringing in Breathwork Detox to their organizations.

"Yoga and meditation are often the first programs offered in corporate wellness programs. These modalities are great for maintenance but they lack immediate impact, which causes employees to become less interested quickly when they don't see immediate results. This is why the popularity of Breathwork Detox is growing so rapidly," says Kurtis Lee Thomas, the founder of Just Breathe Foundation.

Dr. Lavretsky adds that "The research has shown that the cost of stress-reduction training can lower the cost of healthcare for the employees." This stress reduction component alone breathwork provides is a powerful benefit that plays a key factor in the overall health of employees, which is now quantifiable.

About Just Breathe Foundation

Just Breathe Foundation is a 501c3 organization, which raises money through corporate events and donations to help children coping with anxiety and respiratory diseases. On world mental health day, the founder Kurtis Lee Thomas will be launching their new children's book, The Secret of Life, Book 1 - Just Breathe, centered on breathwork that will be donated to schools, shelters for the unhoused and single parents, among others who may not have access to the tools and benefits of breathwork. The Just Breathe Foundation will also provide scholarships for Breathwork Certification Training to help provide parents with proper breathing techniques to create new career opportunities for them.

Ashley Walker
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