JuntosDFW.org Launched to Help Immigrants and Refugees Living in DFW

Mapbased guide helps immigrants and refugees find lowcost healthcare, immigration support, ESL/citizenship classes and other critical services.

DALLAS, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- JuntosDFW.org is a map-based guide designed to help immigrants and refugees living in DFW find nearby critical and humanitarian services. Locations and contact details are provided for clinics, urgent care, dentists, and specialty doctors who offer services at a sliding scale fee structure, or free in certain cases. Locations for ESL and citizenship classes, immigration attorneys and humanitarian organizations that help with the immigration process are also mapped.

JuntosDFW.org has only one mission: to help immigrants find critical services they may otherwise not know exist. Too often, immigrants choose to go without or accept less than ideal options for healthcare and legal services for immigration, because they do not know their options. JuntosDFW.org solves this challenge.

JuntosDFW.org does not have a log in, nor does it record or track any information about the user. There are no fees to the users nor to the service providers. It generates no revenue whatsoever. JuntosDFW.org does not accept donations, however, it does direct users to volunteer or donate to local humanitarian organizations that support immigrants.

The website is organized into categories. Users select the category to see the locations on a map:

  • Help: discover immigration aid organizations

  • Learn: locate citizenship or ESL classes

  • Legal: find immigration lawyers

  • Health: seek free or sliding scale healthcare

Plans for the site include continued expansion of listings and growth into other metropolitan areas.

JuntosDFW.org was founded and developed by David P. Gibson after working with humanitarian organizations that support immigrants and seeing a critical need. David, a DFW area homeschooled high school Junior, conducted extensive research into the community and the web to gather information about immigrant-friendly critical services and providers. He is passionate about human rights, especially the challenges faced by immigrants. He serves as a volunteer guide and junior board executive at the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum (DHHRM) and teaches ESL through Gateway of Grace. In addition to his high school courses, David is a student at UNT where he focuses on history and political philosophy. You can reach David by email at 345489@email4pr.com or follow him on twitter @JuntosDFW.

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David Gibson


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