Julia Fox shares tutorial on her signature ‘Fox eye’ beauty look

The finished look at the Independent Spirit Awards in March 2022 (Getty Images)
The finished look at the Independent Spirit Awards in March 2022 (Getty Images)

Julia Fox has shared a 16-minute tutorial to her Instagram account showing her followers how to create her signature “Fox eye” beauty look.

The 32-year-old actor, whose trademark dramatic smokey eye has divided fans, recorded the instructive film ahead of the Independent Spirit Awards earlier this month.

Captioning the film, she wrote: “Literally no one: Me: I did a tutorial for u guys! I wanted to show u how fast and easy it is to do the fox eye 🦊 also pls don’t judge the low budge nature of this video lmaooo.”

She began by insisting that she was “not trying to sell you anything - this is not a partnership with anyone - this is literally me with too much time on my hands.”

The Uncut Gems star started by applying an all-over serum as a barrier, before walking her followers through an abridged skincare routine.

This included finger-applied foundation - “because it’s really not that serious” - to targeted concealer: “It really is like painting. It’s art. F**k anyone who says differently.”

She went on to apply sheer blush, but not too much, adding she has rosacea, and powdered bronzer, before brushing up her brows and overlining her lips, saying: “Honestly I'm gonna look so bomb when this is done.”

After five minutes of prep, she moves on to the main event, opening up a Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette she is “f**king obsessed” with. “What’s really important with the Fox eye is that you really wanna follow the shape of your own brow,” she says.

Fox goes on to liberally apply black shadow all across her lid, using wet wipes to tidy up as she goes along, before adding definition with a chunky dark pencil.

Viewers can hear a TV show in the background as she goes through her routine, which she identifies as Tyler Henry, an American reality show personality who works as a clairvoyant. “Tyler, if you’re hearing this, please invite me on your show,” she says. “I have more dead friends than anyone.”

She finishes with a little mascara, but not too much because “I get emotional at award shows and I’m probably gonna start crying.”

Fox ends with a hair tousle, adding: “I love it. I think it's fierce. I don’t give a f**k what the haters say.”

Followers commented that the look was “iconic”, while British supermodel Adwoa Aboah wrote: “My kind of makeup tutorial.”

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