Juggler Combines Tennis, Basketball and Nicolas Cage for Viral Routine

A bizarre but brilliant routine from a juggler based in North Hollywood became an Instagram hit thanks to its combination of tennis, basketball, juggling and Nicolas Cage’s unmistakeable face on a cushion.

Michael Rayner, who has featured on America’s Got Talent, and a number of TV shows, shared the video to his brokenjuggler account in early August, where it has been liked over 850,000 times and, he said, “garnered 22 million views”.

The routine sees him spin and juggle tennis rackets, scale a step ladder, and unveil Cage’s visage on a cushion, before sending the movie star’s likeness into a basketball net behind him with an over-the-shoulder shot.

Rayner said the idea “came about in a weird way”. He told Storyful, “I saw a ladder at a thrift store with a little ledge,” which he thought would be “perfect for my pillow that changes into Nicolas Cage’s face”.

“So I bought the ladder. Set up the shot, got two tennis rackets and did what is now my most viral video,” he said. Credit: Michael Rayner via Storyful

Video Transcript