Joplin to begin fogging for mosquitoes

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Jun. 16—Mosquito control that includes fogging will begin later this week or early next week in Joplin.

The Joplin Health Department uses occasional fogging to control adult mosquitoes and applies a larvicide to kill the larvae. Days that fogging will be done are determined as city staff is available and as weather permits. Fogging cannot be done with the weather is windy or rainy, a city spokesman said.

Before fogging begins, the city will post the routes at Mosquito-Vector-Control, according to a city announcement. Residents can find updates at that website on when and where pesticide application is planned.

The pesticide used for fogging has been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as being of low toxicity to humans, the city state in a statement. Residents are asked to stay indoors and not drive through areas where fog is visible. Health officials recommend that residents close their windows and bring pets indoors when their area is being treated.

Beekeepers may contact the health department to request that fogging not be done around their property.

Residents who have a large number of mosquitoes around their property may call the department to request treatment. The health department can be reached at 417-623-6122.

Residents also can help control the pests by ridding their property of standing water, where mosquitoes breed. Those areas include gutters, birdbaths, fountains, untreated swimming pools, unused tires and containers where even a small amount of water can collect. Areas that are prone to have standing water can be routinely treated by residents with a mosquito larvicide or, for a more permanent remedy, can be regraded to eliminate low spots.

Health authorities recommend several precautions to try to prevent mosquito bites:

—Stay indoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

—Wear long-sleeved shirts, socks and long pants outdoors.

—Use an approved insect repellent and follow the instructions on the product label.

—Make sure window screens fit tightly and are free of holes if windows are to be opened.

—Talk to a physician or health care provider before applying insect repellents to children.

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