Jonathan Van Ness discusses difficult holidays for LGBTQ+ youth with Monet X Change

The holidays are particularly difficult for LGBTQ youth, says Jonathan Van Ness On an Episode of The X Change Rate with Monet X Change, the pair discusses a letter to Santa that recently went viral of a little boy asking if he loves the LGBTQ community and if so can he ask God if he also supports him. The heartbreaking letter mirrors struggles of many LGBTQ youths who are feeling unnaccepted over the holiday season.

"We live in this culture that teaches us to compare, it teaches us to compare our worth and our love and our value against what other people are doing," Van Ness says. "That can be a really tough mirror in the holiday season."

Monet X Change brings up Indya Moore's TranSanta initiative that allow trans youth in need to make christmas lists that folks can buy specific items from the list via an instagram page. "It's really simple stuff that would mean the world to trans kids who are sometimes in shelters and don't have any type of Santa or any Christmas," says Monet X Change.