Johnson County lifts health advisory on creek water issued after sewer line break

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Johnson County authorities on Wednesday lifted a public health advisory put in place June 15 that warned residents to avoid creek water in an area in south Overland Park after a sewer line break.

The advisory was issued to residents living between Metcalf Avenue and Roe Boulevard near 123rd Street, where Tomahawk Creek flows. Water quality test results showed that bacteria levels had returned to normal.

The health department posted signs in the area and conducted daily water quality tests on the tributary to determined if the notice could be lifted, according to a news release on Wednesday.

Authorities had previously said the sanitary sewer line may have been damaged by heavy rain. The line broke at a tributary that flows into Tomahawk Creek.

Construction crews would remain in the area for the next few weeks and replace the existing damaged line with new pipe and encasing it in concrete. That would protect it against damage from future inclement weather, officials said.

Wastewater flow is being temporarily pumped around the area into the downstream sanitary sewer system to maintain service to nearby customers, they said.

Sarah Ritter contributed information to this report.

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