John Osborne Says He 'Considered Quitting Music' Due to Struggle with Anxiety and Depression

Maria Pasquini
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TJ Osborne and John Osborne are opening up about a difficult time in their career.

In a preview of the country duo Brothers Osborne's sit-down with CBS Sunday Morning, the "I'm Not for Everyone" musicians revealed that John struggled with anxiety and depression while they were making their 2020 album Skeletons.

"I remember calling our manager at the time," recalled John, 38. "And I told him, 'I can't go into the studio. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know why I'm not happy. I'm depressed. My anxiety is through the roof. I can't sleep. My ears are ringing.' "

"I was very reluctant to say anything. We grew up in a culture where if you fell over and skinned your knee, you just get up, don't cry and walk it off," he added. "There comes a point in your life where you can't do that anymore and you need to stop and sort your s--- out."

During that time, TJ, 36, says he was concerned about his brother. "I remember we were on stage and I could just look at him and tell he did not wanna be there. And that's when I was like, 'Wow, like, we need to go home now.' "

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The pair went on to cancel a number of performances in 2019, saying at the time that the decision was made "due to personal reasons."

"This was the most important thing to get John back to a healthy place," TJ added.

Although John was ultimately able to get the help he needed in order to finish the album, he said that at the time he "considered quitting music."

"This is the God's honest truth, going into this record, I considered quitting music … which is something I never in my life thought I would want to do," he said, noting that "with a lot of therapy, a lot of self-help, a lot of love from my friends and family – I was able to kinda get to a better place so we can finish the album."

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During the interview, TJ also spoke about recently coming out as gay.

"Once I finally made the decision to do what I was going to do, I felt very sure in that," he said. "But it's just really the fear of the unknown. … Do we lose fans?"

As for the response, TJ said that the reaction from his friends and family has been wonderful. "I've had an incredible amount of support," he said. "And there's been some people saying some off-color things to me. But it was a lot, a lot less than I expected."

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On Friday, the country duo released new song "Younger Me," which was inspired by the support TJ received after coming out.

"I've always wished I could speak to my younger self, give him a hug and show him who he'd become and what he'd achieve," TJ wrote on Twitter about the new track. "Once I came out, that feeling was so overwhelmingly strong that this song was born and the time to share it is now."

The pair are set to perform "I'm Not for Everyone" and "Deadman's Curve" at the 2021 ACM Awards on Sunday. The pair are also up for two awards: Duo of the year and album of the year.