John Oliver compels viewers to fill out the census in the funniest way possible

With an estimated 14 million households having yet to fill out the 2020 census, John Oliver took the last two minutes of his show to give viewers time to do just that. Oliver attempted to make the last two minutes of his show unwatchable, which it might have been if it wasn’t so funny. Oliver said it only took him about two minutes to fill out the census, so, after explaining the importance of it, Oliver warned his audience that they weren’t going to want to watch the final two minutes. He informed them that he was actively trying to drive them away so they could fill out the census instead of watching his show. Oliver’s means of getting viewers to tune out was a DVD screensaver over the audiobook of Sean Penn’s 2018 novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff read by Sean Penn. Just seconds in, text appeared on the screen letting viewers know that there was nothing else coming. What they were watching was really how the show was going to end.