Joey Gallo says he's here to 'help the team win' during Yankees introduction

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Joey Gallo first Yankees Zoom call
Joey Gallo first Yankees Zoom call

Joey Gallo made his first appearance in Yankees gear for his Zoom call with the media on Friday afternoon, and the power hitter shared his thoughts on joining a team that's competing for a playoff spot.

"I'm very excited about that," Gallo said. "It's been a few years since... I haven't really been in many playoff chases in my career unfortunately. ...It'll kinda be the first time in my career where there's that 'every game matters' mentality -- not that we didn't in Texas, but obviously we knew we weren't gonna make the playoffs in September.

"I think here, the goal is to make the playoffs and make a run through the playoffs and win a World Series. So it's exciting to be a part of team where we're trying to win and that's the end goal at the end of the day."

The Yankees haven't exactly measured up to the high expectations most people had for them coming into the season, and while Gallo said he hadn't been "focused" on what other teams were doing while he was with the Rangers, he knows what type of team this could be.

"I know when we played them in Texas, all I could hear was 'Lets Go Yankees' throughout the whole stadium," he said. "...It's an extremely talented and amazing group to be a part of. They're such good players here.

"The way baseball goes, it's kinda like a roller coaster... and hopefully with a couple additions and the way they've been playing lately, we can take off and make a run."

Gallo brings his 25 home runs on the season into Yankee Stadium and its favorable short wall for left-handed hitters.

The slugger also brings his high .379 OBP to a team that needs to get more runners on the bases -- and drive them in for runs as well.

"I obviously don't hit for a super high average," said Gallo, who is hitting just .223 this season. "As players, I think you kinda need to recognize what are things that I can do to offset certain things that I might not do well. And for me, I could play good defense, I can get on base... and then obviously hit for power.

"...That's all I'm here to do, just help the team win in any way I can and that's what me and [Aaron Boone] have talked about."

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