Jets' Zach Wilson says his knee is 'not fully healed' and reflects on performance in win over Texans

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Zach Wilson running white jersey vs Texans
Zach Wilson running white jersey vs Texans

Zach Wilson returned to the field after missing the last four games with a knee injury, and led the Jets to a 21-14 win on the road against the Houston Texans. After the game, Wilson spoke to reporters and told them how it felt to be back out there and earn a victory.

"Yeah really good, really good," Wilson said. "Especially just because I wasn't happy with how I performed, just the ups and downs of it all. I got to just keep going. This is all part of the process, we're going to keep getting better. It feels really good to go home having a win. Ultimately that's the goal, is to win the game. I'm really happy we were able to pull it out, I thought the guys battled, the defense played awesome. ... It's awesome to be able to learn from a win."

Wilson was asked how his knee felt after it looked like he tweaked it a bit on a play in the second half. He said his injury is not fully healed, but after a strong week of practice he felt ready to play.

"Yeah and that was something I knew coming in is, I think it happened earlier in the game as well when I ran the keeper and threw it away, it's going to do that sometimes," Wilson said. "It's not fully healed and we understand that. But I feel good to play and so that's why I'm playing. And I understand that sometimes it's going to shift and stretch it a little bit, but there's no damage that can come from that.

"So you just got to walk it off and move on. I still got to throw that ball away. I let it affect me right there and I gotta just find a way to get that ball out of my hands."

The Jets went 1-3 during Wilson's absence, as the rookie watched and learned as much as he could while sidelined. He believes that improving is a process and that he has plenty of motivation to prove that he can be successful.

"I don't blame anything on that, I expect myself, you could say they same thing, 'hey you had the whole offseason, it was the first game of the year,' there's no excuses you gotta be able to come out and play well," Wilson said. "I've had this whole time to watch and learn from everybody else, and I thought I had my best week of practice. Now I just gotta put it to the field and just get better and understand it's a part of the process. Just have that chip on my shoulder."

Wilson said that he sometimes plays "too fast" and needs to adjust the velocity on some of his passes. His top target, Elijah Moore, caught four passes on eight targets for 46 yards, and Wilson said that more big plays between the two will happen when he gets in a better rhythm.

"Those big plays, I told the coaches on the sideline, I'm like even though things are rough to keep calling it, we're gonna be good, I'm gonna get into that rhythm, into that flow," Wilson said. "You gotta be able to just hit that reset button, and just say on to the next play. That was the challenge for tonight, how can I keep going and keep pushing through.

"We got some good plays there, and Elijah made some great catches. We just gotta get that going from the beginning, I gotta get that going. These guys have shown they can do it. So it's me, I gotta hold myself accountable for the way I start and get those guys going from the beginning."

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