Jets news: Takeaways from Jets head coach Robert Saleh

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Jets HC Robert Saleh smiling at Rookie Minicamp
Jets HC Robert Saleh smiling at Rookie Minicamp

Prior to the second day of the Jets’ Rookie Minicamp, head coach Robert Saleh discussed Friday’s first day of workouts and what he saw out of his youngsters.

He also provided an update on Marcus Maye’s contract situation and what he expects to see from the rookies when they return to the facility later this month.

On first impressions of Zach Wilson

Wilson also spoke Saturday about how he's adjusting to life in the NFL, but Saleh likes what he sees from his young quarterback so far.

"He did a very nice job," Saleh said. "The ball was in and out of his hands very crisp. He was in rhythm, he was on time, the guys did a job running routes and the ball was barely on the ground. He did a nice job, now he's got to stack it up and get better every day."

On having dueling Michael Carters in Rookie Minicamp

Saleh is still working on how he's going to differentiate between the running back and the cornerback, but he spoke not only about their ability on the field, but their character as well.

"I think I'm going to go MC1 and MC2, but I haven't quite figured that out yet," Saleh said. "But both are fantastic, fantastic men first. That's a common theme when you look at free agency and the draft. These guys absolutely love ball, they want to get better. Their intent is to learn. There was a really cool sequence that [cornerback] MC2 had in the 7-on-7 period where there was a route concept where he cheated the wrong way, got it adjusted and three plays later he got the same look and nearly made a really impressive play. The fact that he can learn so quickly is a testament to his mental ability and why we're so excited about him."

On what he expects from Elijah Moore as he learns on the job

The Jets know the receiver out of Ole Miss has the raw talent to succeed, and Saleh said now it's about knowing exactly what you need to do on every play.

"He's a little jitterbug," Saleh said. "Just like we thought, he can do a little bit of everything. But just like everybody, there's going to be a learning curve. In college, you can get away with a lot of things because you're just better than everybody. But in the NFL, you've got to roll off the ball with urgency, you have to get in and out of your breaks with urgency. You can't just waste time setting up your route because the D-line is humming. There's an efficiency at which they have to play that they didn't have to in college. So that's going to be the learning curve. But seeing him in person, he's going to be exactly what we thought."

Oct 3, 2020; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Mississippi Rebels wide receiver Elijah Moore (8) celebrates after a touchdown in overtime against Kentucky at Kroger Field.
Oct 3, 2020; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Mississippi Rebels wide receiver Elijah Moore (8) celebrates after a touchdown in overtime against Kentucky at Kroger Field.

On his message to the team when Minicamp ends Sunday

Once minicamp ends, the rookies are on their own until Phase 2 of the offseason program begins on May 17.

"There's going to be a very consistent message in terms of, you've started the process," Saleh said. "The big thing is that these young men are not only CEOs of their own body, but they're CEOs of their own mind. The work that they've put in and what they've invested in themselves is what's going to reflect on the football field. From this day forward, their body maintenance, how they train, how they eat, how they study tape, it doesn't stop. So stick with what we're doing, come back on the 17th and try to get better and find a way to earn one of these roster spots.

On Marcus Maye's contract situation

The Jets slapped the franchise tag on the safety this offseason, but both sides are working on a long-term deal which they hope to get worked out prior to the start of the season.

"He and his agent are working with [general manager] Joe [Douglas} to try and get that deal done, and hopefully that happens soon," Saleh said. "I have a tremendous amount of respect for what players go through. I think these kids have earned the right to ask for whatever they can, especially when they do things the right way like he has. Joe and his staff are working relentlessly to get this done, so we're just going to go with it, but we support him all around the organization."