Jesse Foreman On The Key To Being A Great Sports Agent

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2019 / The key to being a great sports agent is rather obvious: Represent great clients.

Easier said than done.

Thousands of people aspire to be sports agents. Dreams of being the next Jerry Maguire, Arliss Michaels, Ali Davis, or Jason Antolotti from Ballers. As of last year there were over 850 agents certified with the NFLPA. This doesn't count the thousands of financial advisors, marketers, runners and managers contacting prospective draftees.

What are the steps most likely to ensure success?

1) Have a compelling and coherent rationale for why you want to be an agent. For me personally, it's to make sure the athletes who participate in a sport I love never have to worry about their finances after they are done playing. So to me, it is important to represent high integrity people. The sports industry is all about relationships, make sure you build relationships with the right individuals. I also look for athletes who will utilize sports as a springboard for a fruitful second career. The average NFL career is a little over 3 years, I want my clients to take advantage of every opportunity that will prepare them for life after football. Think through what your motivation is and develop a firm philosophy.

2) Become certified with a Players Association. The NFLPA requires an undergraduate and graduate degree for certification. The majority of agents, myself included, have a Juris Doctor. They vet agents for honesty and integrity in their background. Representing a player in the NFL is only allowed for agents who are certified.

3) Profile the type of athlete most likely to respond to you. Pick the sports you feel expertise in. Look for a mutual acquaintance or personality that produces athletes likely to respond. Research the athlete and study their film, prepare like a Director of Player Personnel for a NFL team would. I realized early in my career that athletes with high integrity, strong familial bonds, and a strong work ethic were most likely to respond to me. Players outside that profile were unlikely to be interested.

4) Make sure your company site and social media accounts have plenty of information for prospective clients. Use social media accounts to your advantage, my Instagram account @thenflagent, has been vital in spreading information to potential clients not only in football but in soccer and esports, two sports that I have recently started recruiting clients for. Information including biographies of your principals, a path to the draft, examples of previous work, contract negotiation skills, endorsements, and second career planning can be effective. Also have the information available for meetings with prospective clients, whether it be a brochure or just mentioned in the conversation.

5) Find the individuals that are helping potential clients in the decision making the process. Parents, family, and/or friends are often involved. Some colleges have agent days and invite certain agents to attend. Don't ignore coaches, family members, and others influential in decision making.


SOURCE: SV Advisory Group

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