Jerry Seinfeld can't stop laughing at Stephen Colbert’s vulgar swearing

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld was on “The Late Show” Tuesday, and the former "Seinfeld" star got a hilariously vulgar lesson in the latest broadcast standards and practices from Stephen Colbert. Colbert used the F*** during the interview and Seinfeld was visibly surprised that he would use such language on network television. “Is that the language we use now?” asked Seinfeld. “Is that okay?” “Yeah, it is,” Colbert replied. “ “CBS is fine. F**** sucky!” Colbert then went on a brief profanity laced tirade, drawing big laughs from Seinfeld. But since Seinfeld knows a thing or two about television shows and making people laugh, he offered Colbert a little piece of advice. “You could maybe cut the swearing out and broaden the appeal,” suggested Seinfeld. And Colbert got a huge laugh when he replied, “F*** those people.”