Jennifer Rubin's 'OFF THE RECORD' statement trashing Politico published by Politico

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Jennifer Rubin's 'OFF THE RECORD' statement trashing Politico published by Politico

An off-the-record statement from conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin to Politico this week was published in full, a decision the publication said it made because it had not agreed to those conditions.

The topic was Rubin's defense of President Joe Biden's administration and its policies, asking what other people at the Washington Post thought about her columns being promoted by White House aides.

After the West Wing Playbook failed to get a comment in late March and Rubin further declined to comment in late August, another inquiry was sent on Thursday, which prompted an email with the subject line: “OFF THE RECORD.” The following message was heavily critical of the publication.


"How utterly predictable that Politico would run the zillionth hit piece on a prominent woman, especially one candid in her critiques of Politico's hysterical, clickbait style of coverage," she wrote.

"The notion that I am polarizing in a newsroom (as opposed to any of the dozens of other opinion writers) is a 'take' only Politico could come up with — by of course running around to ask the question in the first place. I trust the Post's superb news side folks spend zero time thinking about me (as is entirely appropriate). My only surprise is that [Politico’s White House editor Sam Stein], a very good journalist, would become enmeshed in such an obviously misogynistic publication. Surely there are finer publications that would have him," Rubin added.

"And btw, what a low class move to do this on Yom Kippur at the last moment," she wrote in conclusion, referring to the Jewish holiday.


Politico, which noted the White House and Washington Post did not return requests for comment, bluntly explained its decision to post Rubin's email.

"Since we never agreed to conduct such an off-the-record conversation, we are publishing it below in full," wrote authors Alex Thompson and Nick Niedzwiadek.

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