Jeffrey Oboite on Excellent Credit and Financial Freedom

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / Jeffrey Oboite did everything he was told growing up to become successful. He studied at a professional school, earned his doctorate, worked hard as a pharmacist and a cloud engineer, and eventually acquired properties. True enough, Jeffrey lived a luxurious lifestyle in a high-rise condo in downtown Baltimore, drove two exotic cars, and even managed several businesses. But no one ever told him about one crucial component: great credit.

With his professional careers and business ventures, Jeffrey Oboite was earning a six-figure income. Despite that, he could not fund his businesses and was merely using his finances because he lacked excellent credit. He wanted his entrepreneurial career to grow, but he realized that he lacked access to the necessary capital to scale his businesses further.

"From not having enough lines of credit to having more than enough poor remarks on my credit report, there was always a list of reasons behind the unfavorable terms and conditions that I would receive when applying for credit," Jeffrey Oboite said. He sought the guidance of several credit repair companies, but they failed to show him promising progress. After months of trusting various consultants, Jeffrey did not see any difference in his credit status.

Eventually, he grew tired of waiting for results from other people and decided to tackle it himself. He was dedicated to learning the ins and outs of both personal and business credit himself. When he was self-educating, Jeffrey met a life-changing mentor who generated eight figures in sales across his businesses. He coached Jeffrey on the power of leveraging large amounts of funds with credit to position himself for growth in business.

The mentor told Jeffrey Oboite that he could give him the funds he needs or give him the "keys to the kingdom." Jeffrey shares, "Those ‘keys to the kingdom' produced life-changing results. I was able to clean up my credit and position myself to qualify for US$ 300,000 in funding within a year. This access to capital helped me scale my business to gross about US$ 1,000,000 in sales within 12 months."

The mentor introduced him to game-changing strategies, trade secrets, and knowledge on building good credit. He turned Jeffrey Oboite's life around, and today, he is determined to share what he learned from his financial coach and his journey to others. Jeffrey wants to transform thousands of lives in the country by strengthening their decision-making power through knowledge.

Jeffrey Oboite built Emerald Score to address the massive gap in financial literacy in the United States. The company is client-centered, which guarantees that their clients are not served with excuses but direct results. Emerald Score also prides itself on using top-notch methods and comprehensive software that is only being utilized by 3% of its competitors in the industry.

"Over the last year, we have had 100% of our customers walk away with a refined credit score that was not just good enough to get by, but good enough to create opportunities," said Jeffrey Oboite. Emerald Score also performs at a faster turnaround rate than others, delivering full money-back guaranteed results in 30 to 45 days.

"I was motivated to build Emerald Score due to my own personal journey of repairing my credit and leveraging my credit score to build a seven-figure business. After years of developing my financial literacy and experiencing multiple failed attempts, I was able to create a method that I really believe will help others achieve their financial freedom and success," said Jeffrey Oboite.

Indeed, achieving a great credit score paves the way for a pool of opportunities. Jeffrey Oboite has already changed thousands of lives across the country with his knowledge. With great determination, he will surely be able to reach millions more on a global scale and obtain financial freedom.

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