Jed Wyatt Says His Untold Bachelorette Allegations Were "Powerful" Enough to "Be Sued Over"

Jed Wyatt Says His Untold Bachelorette Allegations Were "Powerful" Enough to "Be Sued Over"

Jed Wyatt is not going to be airing his dirty laundry anytime soon.

In January, the former Bachelorette contestant vowed to explain how the producers "manipulated" him during Hannah Brown's controversial season, claiming, "I was highly manipulated and from it, deeply mentally affected from the show."

However, in the latest episode of his podcast Jed Talks, the aspiring musician said he won't be sharing his side of the story because of legal reasons. As he put it, "I had to weigh out my life a little bit. I had to decide, was it worth it for me to come out and say the things that I was going to say, and potentially spend months in court with people that I really don't care about at this point in my life? No."

Jed added, "It wasn't worth it to me to go to court over something that's happened, at this point, two years ago."


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"That being said, I hope that some of us can put two and two together and see that there was obviously something pretty powerful that I had to say, that was worth me being sued over, and, you know, I would love to say those things," he said, adding, "Maybe there'll be, like, a day that I'll get to say everything."

Though Jed offered no further details about his allegations, he said he believes the Bachelorette executives didn't "want me to throw a wrench in the franchise."

Regarding the previous allegations that Jed cheated on both Hannah and musician Haley Stevens, the Jed Talks host said his actions speak for themselves. He shared, "For the people who are smart enough to know me a little more at this point, or have followed my life up to this point, you can see that once I am in a relationship, I am in a relationship, and I've never cheated on anyone in my life. I didn't cheat on Haley, I didn't cheat on Hannah. There was no relationship between Haley and I, other than what you guys read—the notes."

He admitted to saying, "I love you," to Haley, but said it's how he talks to all of his friends.

"I know some people are like, it's a powerful word. And I get that. And I'm not trying to say that it's not a powerful word," Jed said of Haley's claims. "But she knew damn well that we weren't together."

Hannah Brown, Jed Wyatt
Hannah Brown, Jed Wyatt

The 27-year-old musician then apologized to those who were waiting for him to drop these apparent bombshell allegations, which he said were "hyped up." As apologetic as he is, Jed stated, "I had to choose what was best for my life and sometimes that isn't always pleasing to the public."

E! News has reached out to ABC for comment.

Jed was a controversial figure throughout Hannah's season of The Bachelorette. During the show, Haley came forward to accuse Jed of cheating on her with Hannah, which he denies to this day.

Though Hannah accepted Jed's proposal during the finale, it was ultimately revealed that she had broken up with him on the After the Final Rose episode. At the time, Jed claimed he split from Haley a week before going on the show, but Hannah said she could no longer trust him.

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