JBS Couros rolls out the new EVO high-performance technology

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The finish facilitates cleaning and maintenance while retaining the shine, and without cracking, for longer

SÃO PAULO, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- JBS Couros is introducing to the global market the EVO, an evolution in technology that affords greater resistance and durability to leather products with this finish. Following the advent of covid-19, many people adopted new habits to prevent the propagation of the virus. As a result, frequent sanitation of objects and surfaces became an essential habit that has led the industry to deliver longer-lasting products.

"The EVO range has double the resistance in relation to regular leather. Moreover, it does not exhibit the hard, plasticized aspect of similar products on the market. This is a unique solution based on a highly complex international technical standard (AATCC130:1995), testing having been carried out using capillary products, food, beverages and even urine. We believe the material will be a highly successful differential and widely accepted on the market", points out Guilherme Motta, president of JBS Couros.

EVO technology functions with a high-performance concept, a product range designed to better resist the day-to-day stress of upholstery when compared to other products offered. The finish can be applied to sofas, chairs, armchairs and all types of upholstery in the aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented categories. In addition, the aim of the new collection is to combine the advantages and benefits of kind leather in terms of innovation, sustainability, traceability while making sure that the resources do not go to waste.

The new EVO range is available to attendees at the Showtime Market (Interwoven), which takes place between May 22nd and 25th in North Carolina (USA). During the event, participants will be able to check out items with the same pleasant-to-touch, smooth and natural characteristics of traditional leather, with double the performance in terms of resistance, cleaning and abrasion, primarily in coverings for furniture in locations with intense movement of people. The products on display at the tradeshow are:

TITANO – made from carefully selected raw materials, it comes in thicknesses of 10-12 mm. Its main characteristic is the rounded body and a natural appearance. It also has an effect that adds depth and a natural appearance, pleasant to touch and with a semi-opaque shine. Ideal for objects that seek to emphasize movement and highlighting.

URANO –12-14 mm thick, it has a semi-matt shine and solid color. Its key feature is the uniformity of the flower of the leather and the natural silky touch. A hide with high-yielding cuts, indicated for products of personality and robustness.

ATLANTAa product of extremely high quality and the best selection of hides. Its key features are the fine, delicate and uniform aspect of the flower, pleasant to touch and thickness of 10-12 mm. This results in an elegant and natural covering.

CHRONO – Nappa-type leather whose main characteristics are uniformity, silky touch and smooth flower. It comes in thicknesses of 10-12 mm. That is why it is ideal for modern furniture with straight lines, affording it elegance and sophistication.

About JBS Couros 
JBS created its leather business unit in 2009 as an important part of its strategy for adding value to the production chain. JBS Couros is the world's largest leather processing industry, with 20 production units, three cutting units, five distribution centers, three showrooms and four sales offices on four continents. Currently, the company employs around nine thousand workers worldwide and produces wet blue, semi-finished and finished leather for the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifacts sectors. On the leather processing lines, clear, standardized procedures, combined with constant investments in technology and training, make JBS Couros one of the world's most modern companies, transforming organic materials into upmarket, quality products extensively used in global industries.


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