Jayda Cheavas Reportedly Arrested On Gun Charges In Jamaica While On 24th Birthday Trip

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jayda cheavas
jayda cheavas

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Social media star and entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves was reportedly arrested on gun charges in Jamaica, while on a trip to celebrate her 24th birthday.

The news was broken via a tweet posted by Jamaican radio broadcaster Dadrian Gordan yesterday afternoon. Along with sharing the news of R. Kelly’s guilty verdict, the tweet also read: “Jadya Cheavas was detained for guns. Weapons are licensed in the US but were taken to Jamiaca without authorization.”

Gordan explained in a follow tweet that after being questioned by Ports Divison detectives, Cheavas and her friend Gregory Wright were “charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition by the Jamaican police” in Montego Bay on Monday, Sept. 27th.

The broadcaster further detailed that her source was Ports Division, Senior Superintendant Wayne Cameron. Apparently, the official told her that Cheavas and Wright were about to hop on a private jet when authorities found two firearms and 15 rounds of ammunition in their possession around 1:20 local time.

Despite the two friends reportedly having permits for the weapons in the United States, not getting them authorized before bringing them into the Caribbean island “is a breach of Jamaican law.”

At the tweet’s end, it noted that Cheavas and Wright “are booked to appear before the Western Regional Gun Court on Wednesaday” and that the two “have been offered station bail.”

While she hasn’t explicitly commented on the drama, last night Cheaves — who is the mother of Lil Baby’s youngest son — posted on her Instagram Stories, “ACT NORMAL, I’m good for now y’all.”

We’ll keep you posted as this ongoing story develops.

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