Jar of sand from Tom Brady’s retirement site being sold on eBay at this ridiculous price

How big of a Tom Brady fan are you? Are you a big enough fan to spend over $90,000 on bottled beach sand from his second retirement site?

That’s what one eBay user is banking on with a recent posting aiming to monetize on the greatest quarterback of all time finally riding off into the NFL sunset.

Brady announced he was retiring from football “for good” on Wednesday, following months of speculation that he would return for the 2023 season. So that beach truly has been graced by a big moment in sports history.

Of course, you could just go there yourself and bottle some sand, or you could pay someone like this eBay user to do it for you.

It’s kind of hard not to laugh at this posting, but seriously, if it legitimately fetches for a good price, the poster will be the last one laughing.


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Tom Brady Patriots 2018
Tom Brady Patriots 2018

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire