Jamsu: The K-Beauty Makeup Hack Bella Hadid Loves Is Going Viral on TikTok

Another day, another Korean beauty hack we are grateful to learn. This time, it’s one you might have already heard about: Jamsu (잠수). The word roughly translates from Korean to mean "submergence" and, when used in the context of makeup, it’s exactly that. 

Jamsu was popularized internationally a few years back when Bella Hadid told Huda Kattan that she swore by it, but thanks to a recent TikTok, it has returned as a topic of conversation in the beauty world. 

The technique is as follows: once you’ve done your face makeup, you should apply baby or translucent setting powder to your entire face and submerge it in a bowl of cold water. You want to start with your typical foundation, concealer, and contour routine — basically, anything you’d put on before powdering — but save your eyes, lips, and the rest of your face for later. Simply dust your face with your preferred powder and prep for the dunk. Once you’ve submerged your face for 15-30 seconds, pat your skin dry gently with a towel. 

Dunking your freshly made-up face in a sink full of water sounds borderline terrifying but according to everyone on the internet and trusted Korean beauty wisdom, it works. According to Cosmopolitan, the powder sets the makeup and the hydration helps to lock it in. Those with darker complexions may want to opt for a translucent powder instead of baby powder since, according to Allure, some have noticed the latter tends to leave a pale film on their face after the dunk.

Jamsu promises to deliver sweat-proof and melt-proof impeccable makeup – so it makes sense that it’s making the rounds again just in time for summer. K-beauty is normally all about glass skin and dewy, glossy finishes, so a mattifying effect like this seems a bit out of the works. However, as founder of Beauty & Seoul Maree Kinder told Dazed in 2020, summers in Korea are humid and this hack helps keep your makeup base on point as the use of cold water helps achieve a "blended" look.

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