Investing in Canadian companies to harness space data and solve challenges on Earth

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Investing in Canadian companies to harness space data and solve challenges on Earth

Investing in Canadian companies to harness space data and solve challenges on Earth

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LONGUEUIL, QC, Nov. 24, 2020

smartEarth contributions will support job creation and innovation across Canada

LONGUEUIL, QC, Nov. 24, 2020 /CNW/ - The unique data collected by satellites is rapidly becoming the raw material of the digital age. When combined with artificial intelligence and powerful computing, space data promises to unlock the potential for a multitude of new cutting-edge applications to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges on Earth.

The Government of Canada is helping Canadian companies take full advantage of the opportunities enabled by space. Under the Canadian Space Agency's (CSA's) smartEarth initiative, 16 companies across Canada are receiving contributions to advance research and development (R&D) projects that will develop approaches to maximize the use of Earth observation data with advanced disruptive technologies.

The R&D projects are diverse. Some focus on enabling access to data or advancing data analytics that combine multiple types of data. Others aim to maximize the use of data and develop innovative applications to help monitor and protect Earth and its environment by, for example, mapping changes in our forests, taking stock of wetlands and detecting methane emissions in our atmosphere.

It is anticipated that 240 new jobs will be created across Canada through these contributions.



Contribution value

ADGA Group Consultants Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario


Arctus Inc.

Sainte-Pétronille, Quebec


ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.

Saanichton, British Columbia


A.U.G. Signals Ltd.

Toronto, Ontario


BGC Engineering Inc.

Vancouver, British Columbia


Complex System Inc.

Calgary, Alberta


Dromadaire Géo Innovations Inc.

Montreal, Quebec


GHGSat Inc.

Montreal, Quebec


Global Spatial Technology Solutions Inc.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


HabitatSeven Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario


Hatfield Consultants LLP

North Vancouver, British Columbia


MDA Geospatial Services Inc.

Richmond, British Columbia


MDA Systems Ltd.

Richmond, British Columbia


NorthStar Earth and Space Inc.

Montreal, Quebec


OODA Technologies Inc.

Montreal, Quebec


Vertex Professional Services Ltd.

Sherwood Park, Alberta


Quick facts

  • There is growing demand for Earth observation (EO) satellite data across Canada and around the world. Annual demand for EO data and services is projected to grow from just over $3 billion to $9 billion within 10 years.

  • smartEarth is a CSA funding initiative that supports Canadian organizations in developing innovative applications that use EO data to solve challenges on Earth.

  • By supporting the development of capabilities within industry and research communities, smartEarth enhances the competitiveness of Canadian businesses and generates growth and economic benefits for Canadians.


"The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that our country remains a world leader in acquiring and using satellite data to support science excellence, innovation and economic growth. It is with investments like these smartEarth contributions that we will be able to embrace the potential of space data to grow Canada's economy and create the jobs of tomorrow."
The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry


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