Internet debates 'cool perks' at tech company: 'I'd rather work from home'

A tech worker's video about job perks sparked a debate on social media. "Cool perks of working at a tech company," the caption read. Her job had free breakfast, a sandwich bar, unlimited snacks and a fully stocked fridge. It also had a hygiene station, hair tools and a pretty great view of the area. Some users felt that this was a great way for employers to show support for their employees. "Stuff like this makes employees want to work hard and show up. But instead so many comp want to make workplaces hell," another said. However, other people felt like it was a trick to keep employees working longer for less money and cheap perks. "This just encourages workers to arrive earlier and stay late hours, assimilating being at work with being at home. AKA a capitalist ploy," someone suggested

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