Insuranks Publishes Broad Handmade Business Insurance Cost Research

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 9, 2021 / Insurance online educational marketplace,, has published a broad research outlining the average handmade product business insurance cost for several business types of that sector.

The research goes well beyond rates and explains certain elements of each business insurance, how it can help the business and why it is needed and important to have. For instance, its candle business insurance research states that the average candle-making business owner pays about $64 per month or $757 per year on average for a standard general liability insurance policy. However, it also displays the average candle-making business general liability insurance rates per month and per year for seven of the United States of America's top commercial insurance companies. The extensive candle business insurance guide also reviews the different liability coverage options candle makers and candle businesses have when coverage is needed.

But it does not end there, as Insuranks has also released an in-depth craft insurance guide for crafters, handmade products businesses, and craft fairs. The useful guide mentions that the average craft insurance cost for general liability insurance policies is $42 per month or $500 per year. Much like their candle business insurance guide, it also outlines the average craft business insurance rates from six of the U.S. leading business insurance companies and providers.

Insuranks has also published a soap makers insurance guide for soap-making businesses. According to the extensive online research, the average business general liability insurance cost for soap-making businesses is the cheapest among handmade product businesses, averaging $39 per month and $465 per year for standard general liability insurance policies. The guide also lists the average soap-making business insurance rates for the five leading soap-making business insurance companies and providers in America and overviews the different liability insurance coverage options for soap makers, what they cover and are they needed.

To wrap it up, Insuranks has released one more general artisan insurance guide that outlines the different aspects of it and lists average costs of different types of artisans.

Of course, average rates are average rates and the real rates will always vary and depend on business size, location, industry, activity, number of employees, years in business and many other elements that determine the specific business insurance rates.

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