Instagram Will Be Bringing Back Their Chronological Feed Feature Next Year

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Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri Testifies Before Congress
Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri Testifies Before Congress

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Instagram will be bringing back the platform’s chronological feed feature next year according to the company’s head honcho, Adam Mosseri.

The Israeli businessman revealed the news during his Senate subcommittee hearing on Dec. 8 noting that Instagram had been planning to roll out the feature “for months” and that it should be officially ready to go “the first quarter of next year,” Complex reported. The move comes following backlash over Instagram’s current algorithm where some users have complained that the app’s layout is too cluttered and doesn’t allow for viewers to see their friend’s most recent posts. Some users are even arguing that their own posts have gotten hidden in the mix of Instagram’s ad-heavy and poorly designed algorithm.

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However, Mosseri refutes those claims. The former Facebook executive defended Instagram’s change of processes noting that “people were missing 70 percent of all their posts in Feed, including almost half of posts from their close connections,” according to his most recent blog article.

“We developed and introduced a Feed that ranked posts based on what you care about most,” his statement continued. “Each part of the app – Feed, Explore, Reels – uses its own algorithm tailored to how people use it. People tend to look for their closest friends in Stories, but they want to discover something entirely new in Explore. We rank things differently in different parts of the app, based on how people use them.” Mosseri mentioned that a number of classifiers and processes help personalize someone’s feed, but it appears as though the app’s younger audience still feels skeptical over how those new changes were actually implemented.

The news comes following the platform’s announcement to roll out new parental controls that will allow parents to monitor how much time their children are spending on the app. The Senate also confronted Mosseri over some of the adverse effects that the app is having on teenage users along with child safety concerns calling it “toxic” for some younger audiences, The Verge reported.

During his testimony, the tech entrepreneur proposed creating an “industry body” for the app that would “determine best practices over the handling of children’s data and parental controls to help keep children safe online,” The Verge noted. The body would provide input for parents and officials on how to create universal protections and protocols for child safety on the app, but Senators seemed unsure of Mosseri’s plan.

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