Injured Bat Holds Carer's Hand as 'Pup' Gets Its Feed

A Sydney-based bat rescuer provided some much-needed support for a mother bat, that had suffered a “significant head injury” as it fed one of its litter, footage shared to Instagram shows.

This footage was recorded by Sarah Curran, a licensed and rabies-vaccinated rescuer of bats, who is vice-chair of Sydney Bats, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of flying foxes.

Posting the footage to Sarah’s Bats Instagram account, Curran wrote that the young bat was a “baby white-striped mastiff”, also known as a white-striped freetail bat, that was “suckling from its mother”.

“The mother was injured and could not raise her young due to significant head injury and required the pup to be hand raised. They were both eventually and successfully released back in to the wild where they belong,” the post added.

Curran has cautioned her followers that bats are not pets, but rather wild animals that should not be touched or handled by unvaccinated and untrained individuals.

She urges her followers to call local wildlife rescue centers if they come across any bats that may be injured. Credit: @sarahsbats via Storyful

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