Inherent Biosciences Launches Path Fertility - Epigenetic Sperm Quality Test (SpermQT)

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SpermQT analyzes the molecular function of sperm and is 6x more predictive of fertility potential than standard semen analysis

Path Fertility

Path Fertility
Path Fertility
Path Fertility

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inherent Biosciences, a molecular diagnostics company at the intersection of epigenetics and artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the launch of Path Fertility's Epigenetic Sperm Quality Test, SpermQTTM at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Scientific Congress & Expo.

"One in eight couples experience infertility and historically the focus of testing, treatment and burden has been on the female partner," said Kristin Brogaard, Ph.D., co-founder and COO of Inherent Biosciences. "50% of infertility is due to male factors and the standard semen analysis is a poor and rudimentary diagnostic test with only about 15% sensitivity."

SpermQT analyzes epigenetic patterns (DNA methylation) on genes associated with sperm production, sperm maturation, and embryo development. The test was validated with data from over 2,000 semen samples showing a sensitivity of 84% in predicting the need for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. A detailed white paper describing the development and validation of SpermQT is available for download at A manuscript is in preparation for peer-reviewed publication.

"There has been little innovation in semen analysis for decades," mentioned Dr. Larry Lipshultz, internationally renowned urologist and clinical advisor to Inherent Biosciences. "I'm most excited about epigenetics, and the data we're seeing for SpermQT shows tremendous promise."

SpermQT is a physician-ordered test with an at-home specimen collection kit. Specimens are shipped to a CAP-accredited and CLIA certified laboratory for analysis. Results are reported as "High Risk" or "Low Risk" for poor sperm quality. The validation data showed that 84% of men with a "High Risk" result required IVF treatment. And, there was a statistically significant lower live birth rate when undergoing Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment (p=0.025).

"We now have a diagnostic that significantly improves the measurement of sperm quality," said Alex Pastuszak, MD, Ph.D., Inherent Biosciences clinical advisor. "SpermQT provides reassurance for patients to move forward with natural or assisted conception."

For clinicians interested in offering SpermQT to patients, go to to request a copy of the white paper, an example report and a test requisition form.

About Inherent Biosciences - Inherent Biosciences, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company at the intersection of epigenetics and AI. Inherent believes that guesswork and trial & error medicine lead to severe pain and suffering. Inherent's vision is to revolutionize trial and error medicine and restore hope. The company does this by discovering what's inherent in our biology about the unexplained and translating discoveries into personal insights that inform actions. Learn more at or connect on LinkedIn.


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