Indonesian bikers servicing people in self-isolation

In the Indonesian city of Semarang, Arrahman Surya Atmaja and his friends haul their bicycles into what’s called a ‘red zone’.

The country has become Asia’s COVID-19 epicentre with barricades in the city of 3 million meant to block off areas of high infection where people are isolating at home.

But the cyclists venture into these areas to perform acts of kindness.

“Since April, I've been volunteering to deliver items on my bike to patients in self-isolation. The most memorable occasion was when I delivered goods that went away when I remembered I only want to help."

Arrahman and his group try to ensure their deliveries are contactless.

They hit a peak of about five orders per day earlier this month, but he says the average has come down to two a week.

Indonesia logged record infections and deaths in July, with more than 3.2 million cases and about 87,000 deaths.

Semarang alone has reported about 78,000 cases.

But even though the country has been hit hard, Arrahman still knows how to make light of a dire situation.

"Maybe because we are helping the community, it will somehow boost our immunity, maybe it's like that."

He says the most commonly-asked for item is medicine.

So they pedal their way to a pharmacy, before hitting the road again for their next delivery.

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