India's Tata Motors launches $10,000 electric car

STORY: Tata Motors unveils India's cheapest electric car

Price tag: $10,370

Tata is the only automaker currently building EVs in India

helped by government subsidies and high tariffs on imports

[Shailesh Chandra, Tat Motors]

"This is a very aspirational EV (electric vehicle), a very feature-loaded, a very technology-loaded car. If I had to just summarize, the value proposition of this car, it is exciting in features, it is very easy to drive, it is economical, and at the same time eco-friendly."

India's car market is tiny compared to its population

with electric models making up just 1% of total car sales in India

The government wants to grow this to 30% by 2030

Tata's domestic rival Mahindra & Mahindra plans to launch an electric SUV in January