IMPD releases edited body cam footage from Anthony Maclin shooting

Indianapolis police have released an edited version of body camera footage from the morning officers shot Anthony Maclin.

The release comes a day after Maclin's family publicly called on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to release unedited footage from the Dec. 31 shooting. An attorney representing Maclin and his grandmother Vicki Driver, who called police to her home, also announced Monday that a legal demand had been sent to the city requesting financial compensation for what they say was excessive force by the officers.

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Driver called police early that morning to have them come check out an unknown car parked in her driveway. She said she didn't know it at the time, but inside the vehicle was Maclin, her grandson. He had rented a car while his was being repaired, he said, and planned to surprise her in the morning.

In the footage, which is broken up into sections and accompanied by text, officers approach the vehicle. One observes that a gun is in Maclin's lap.

Driver speaks to the officers shortly before they open fire. I want to make sure it's none of my grandkids, she appears to say.

"Do any of your grandkids live (in) Florida?" an officer responds. Police later said the car had a Florida license plate.

An officer can be heard knocking on the car window. Then they begin to shout repeatedly, and over one another.

“Police department.” “Hands up.” “Police.” Maclin appears to move inside the car.

Seven seconds after knocking, they start shooting. Maclin's attorney Steve Wagner said Monday officers fired more than 30 rounds at the car.

His legal team said he never pointed the gun at officers, nor held it in his hands. Police said in a news release after the shooting there was "no indication" Maclin fired any rounds.

"Why'd you guys shoot?" Maclin later asked the officers, as he lay, handcuffed, on the rocky ground outside the vehicle. Officers called for a paramedic and gave him first aid.

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The video seems to contradict part of the narrative provided by attorneys Monday. A news release from Wagner’s office announcing the legal demand said the only command given to Maclin — “Raise your hands” — came as officers began to shoot. According to the edited footage released Tuesday, officers appear to shout "hands up" and "police" multiple times before shooting.

"Only announcements for me (were) when I got out of the car, and that was to put my hands up," Maclin said Monday. At least one officer can be heard telling him to exit the car with his hands up, and to get on the ground.

It’s unclear if Maclin heard the commands, or if all of his car windows were up at the time. They looked wet, as if it had rained. On Monday he told reporters he was awoken and then fired upon immediately.

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