Awaken your inner chef with the best immersion blenders

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White immersion blender for kitchen use
White immersion blender for kitchen use

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, being in the kitchen can get tedious no matter how much you love it. From chopping to blending, too many steps are a sure-fire way to make you give in and order unhealthy takeout.

Nowadays though, individuals benefit from a bunch of innovative appliances that can help reduce the time spent making food. Among the many amazing inventions out there is the immersion blender. Unlike a traditional upright blender that uses a detachable motor, these versions are much better suited to smaller jobs. So, whether you’re making pesto or simply want to whip up a smoothie, there’s no better way to get the job done. With our curated list of the leading immersion blenders for 2022, your cooking life is about to get easier.

Top Picks

Best overall: Cuisinart Immersion Blender

Comfort-grip handle with push-button for continuous action and variable speed slide control
Comfort-grip handle with push-button for continuous action and variable speed slide control

Cuisinart’s BPA-free immersion blender is chock full of brilliant features that can make your kitchen-related activities easier. With its durable build, this handheld electric option can be used to make homemade mayo, puree soups, and more. It runs on 300 watts with an adjustable speed that provides great control. You can also easily alternate between high and low depending on what you’re making. The design’s ergonomics offer a sturdy grip too, limiting the chances of accidental slips. A push button is located at the center of the handle, letting users control this device with just one press. An 8-inch long blending shaft, made of stainless steel, enables seamless emulsifying without getting your hands dirty. This handheld product can reach inside tall jars, jugs, and glasses to get the job done. Customers can also get a three-year warranty as long as they meet the seller’s criteria.

Key Features:

  • Speed slide control

  • Quiet operation

  • Pulse-action functionality

  • Mixing cup and whisk attachment included

Most scratch-resistant: Vitamix Immersion Blender

Scratch resistance blade guard prevents scratching and marring favorite pots and pans
Scratch resistance blade guard prevents scratching and marring favorite pots and pans

Vitamix is no stranger to the world of kitchen tools, and this brand’s immersion blender is highly praised by many home cooks. For starters, it has a convenient LED-light display alongside a comfortable handle. You get a total of five-speed levels as well as pulse control that works according to the pressure exerted by the user. But that’s not all, what’s truly amazing about this option is the scratch-resistant blade guard. This limits damage to containers, such as pots, jars, and pans. The design also employs a twistable lock, allowing you to quickly turn the device off without pressing any buttons. According to the manufacturer, a powerful internal motor ensures faster blending, especially at the highest speed setting.

Key Features:

  • Stainless-steel shaft

  • Height: 18 inches

  • Unique, bell-guard design

  • 5-foot power cord

Most color variety: KitchenAid Immersion Blender

Take control over your recipes with the easy-to-use variable speed trigger switch
Take control over your recipes with the easy-to-use variable speed trigger switch

This four-point stainless steel immersion blender is based on patented technologies designed to give users more comfort. A removable blending shaft paves the way for easy cleaning and maintenance too, so your dishes won’t be contaminated with cruddy elements stuck inside crevices. The manufacturer also claims that this product is superior in terms of functionality and durability. From variable-speed switches to seamless cookware protection, there’s a lot to like. A BPA-free mixing jar is also part of the package, so you won’t need to get more containers for emulsifying liquids. Other perks include a dishwasher-friendly blending shaft that helps you clean up after you’re done using this kitchen tool.

Key Features:

  • Corded and cordless options are available

  • Height: 16.3 inches

  • Available in 10 different colors

  • 8-inch blending arm

Most speed variations: Mueller Austria Immersion Blender

The ergonomic grip offers a non-slip and comfortable grip when continuously blending ingredients
The ergonomic grip offers a non-slip and comfortable grip when continuously blending ingredients

With elegant ergonomics, Mueller Austria’s take on the immersion blender is a worthy attempt. With a slip-resistant grip, the entire gadget is made with premium-quality materials that not only look great but are also durable. An embedded-copper motor gives this product a lot of utility with zero disruptions. To reinforce this option, the manufacturer markets it as expected to last much longer than alternatives from other brands. On the bottom, a stainless-steel blade rotates at the adjusted speed setting to quickly blend, emulsify and liquify. You can use this for making thick smoothies, eliminating clumps from mashed potatoes, and even smoothing stews! An additional whisk attachment also allows you to mix and match kitchenware functions easily. To top it off, a 12-month warranty gives you some extra peace of mind in case something goes wrong during the first year of purchase.

Key Features:

  • Height: 12.6 inches

  • Nine-speed settings

  • Weight: 1.9 pounds

  • Turbo-mode setting

How to find your next immersion blender: A buyer’s guide

Why keep using heavy kitchen equipment when you can use a lightweight immersion blender that cuts down on hassle? Find out which products are worth your attention and which ones deserve a pass with our handy buyer’s guide.

Factors you should consider when buying immersion blenders

1. Wide blade guard

If you’re not already aware, this is the removable part of the equipment attached at the bottom of the blending shaft. It is used to circulate and blend food. Compared to narrower blade guards, wider versions are better at emulsifying. There are fewer chunks left behind and there’s faster smoothing of more solid pieces.

2. Cordless

A corded immersion blender does have its advantages, but when you don’t have a socket near your countertop, it can be a massive inconvenience. Similarly, tangled wires can lead to spills, accidents, and a lot of messes. Cordless blenders, on the other hand, can feel like a godsend, especially when you don’t need to use them for extended periods.

3. Handle

You should be looking for a thin, compact handle that’s easy to hold and not too straining on your arm muscles. Using these blenders only takes one hand, which can get physically taxing when the handle is hard to grasp.

4. Attachments

Let’s be honest, all of us appreciate something extra. If you’re buying an immersion blender, you might as well get additional attachments that improve its functionality. These products can come with a mixing cup, container, whisk, or chopping blade.

Is pulse control a deal breaker?

Not all immersion blenders have pulse control and that’s a shame. While this may not seem super important, rest assured, it is. Whether you’re making mayonnaise or emulsifying soup, adjusting the speed allows users to change the consistency of their food. For instance, if you blend something too fast, you might end up liquifying the contents. In the same vein, pulse control allows you to use your device without having to press buttons or slide between variable levels.

Soft vs hard: Are immersion blenders multifunctional appliances?

Contrary to what manufacturers may claim, immersion blenders are not great at blending harder foods, attempting to blend them can result in grated or fibrous bits. For the best results, stick to traditional blenders or liquefiers for drier items. That said, if your appliance has a chopping feature, feel free to turn those baby carrots into small bits with one powerful whizz!

Are safety features essential?

If you haven’t seen the video of Gordon Ramsay scaring his students over a “finger in blender” prank, consider checking it out. Due to the open-bottomed design of immersion blenders, your safety can be compromised. That’s exactly why top brands include a lock-unlock feature that disables the blades from running unless you manually set the trigger off.

People also asked

Q: Are taller immersion blender shafts better?

A: Yes, taller shafts can be easier to maneuver and are less straining on arms.

Q: Can I use my immersion blender in a glass container?

A: Yes, however, it is recommended that you use a BPA-free plastic container instead.

Q: Can I toss my immersion blender in the dishwasher?

A: Whether your immersion blender is dishwasher safe depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re not sure about this, contact the seller for additional information.

Q: Are rechargeable immersion blenders more expensive?

A: Cordless varieties are not necessarily more expensive than their counterparts. You might find pricier alternatives if you’re only looking at top brands.