IDZ announces the ID, the cornerstone of an entirely new identity ecosystem

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LONDON, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- After 5 years of tireless development and countless iterations, IDZ introduces the ID, putting all the control in users' hands, so they can fully own and control their data.

IDZ believes users should own their data and be compensated for it as a human right. They believe the concept of identity goes with the concept of ownership. "Today's consumers need an entity that allows them to fully control all their data and assets", said Joseph Bara, CEO of IDZ.

The ID is intended for individual use, for companies, wearable makers, internet developers and cloud storage providers. The new entity allows users to own things by default. "We believe everyone on the planet will have a new ID in the next few years", said Bara. "A global world needs a global identity hence we have built a privacy-focused, secure ID ecosystem for everyone and for everything, we are proud to introduce the ID ecosystem to the world."

According to IDZ, data ownership is a prerequisite for true decentralisation. Most people believe that decentralisation is the stepping-stone for data ownership -  IDZ believes in the opposite. Once data ownership is achieved, decentralisation becomes a passive result. Everything becomes peer-to-peer.

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