Hyundai now owns 80% of the Boston Dynamics robotics company

Boston Dynamics, the robotics company that has often gone viral for its robo creations is now owned by the South Korean automaker Hyundai. The acquisition stipulates that Hyundai is to own 80% of the company. Hyundai plans to leverage Boston Dynamics to create a “robotics value chain” where they will focus on manufacturing, construction, and automation. Learn more at

Transcript: Hyundai buys Boston Dynamics. The South Korean automaker has taken a leap forward in robotics. Sealing a deal to own 80% of the robotics company, Boston Dynamics. If you’re unfamiliar with Boston Dynamics they are the M.I.T. spinoff that develops unique robots. Like ‘Spot’ the robo-dog and other humanoid bots that can perform acrobatic jumps and tasks. The $1.1 billion acquisition makes Hyundai the 3rd company to own Boston Dynamics. Hyundai’s plan is to create a “robotics value chain.” Where they will focus on manufacturing, construction, and automation.

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