Hypernet Labs Hires New Vice President of Engineering from Meta to Expand Functional NFT Offerings

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With a background in scaling digital products and services, Abhishek Priya joins the Hypernet team to take functional NFTs to the next level

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 25, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hypernet Labs (Hypernet), a Web3 company developing enterprise-scale NFT technology, today announced the hiring of Abhishek Priya as Vice President of Engineering. Abhishek has a record of proven success in building and leading engineering teams to tackle emerging enterprise technology within some of Silicon Valley’s marquee innovators, including Meta and Microsoft, where he focused on big data, artificial intelligence, and distributed computing.

In his time at Meta, Abhishek led a team that built tools and solutions for Instagram systems used by millions of SMBs. Earlier, at Microsoft, Abhishek helped create and helm the engineering team that launched Microsoft Audience Network, leading to a $1B+ revenue stream for Microsoft Ads. Abhishek holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

"Abhishek brings invaluable expertise and creativity to the Hypernet team. His elite skills will greatly accelerate our efforts to bring to creators and businesses everywhere the next generation of functional NFTs for identifying people and digital assets on chain," said Ivan Ravlich, CEO of Hypernet.

Hypernet has been rolling out components of the open sourced Hypernet.Protocol in recent months. In the first few months of 2022, Hypernet launched its products Hypernet.ID and Hypernet.Mint. ID offers end users an enduring cross-chain personal identity validated for compliance, single sign-on and more. Mint offers creators and enterprises a no-code / low-code solution for minting authenticable, functional NFTs at scale.

"After years of building new projects within the walls of some of the world’s most established companies, I’m thrilled to join Hypernet at the ground floor as we create the infrastructure for the future of technology – Web3," said Abhishek Priya, VP of Engineering. "NFTs have generated unprecedented excitement throughout their first year in the mainstream, but the most prominent examples have only shown a sliver of what this technology can accomplish and how it can improve our lives. By simplifying verification processes and merging everything from bus passes to medical cards with registries, we’re striving for a world that’s more secure, efficient and connected."

For more information about Hypernet, please visit hypernetlabs.io.

About Hypernet: Hypernet is a Palo Alto, California based cyber-infrastructure company building the tools to facilitate the transition to Web3, focused especially on solutions that deliver cross chain secure identity of people and digital assets. By focusing on enterprise-scale low-code and no-code applications, Hypernet is aiming to bring Web3 technology to as many organizations and individuals as quickly as possible.

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