Hypercraft And Geiser Brothers Unveil The Future Of Off-Road At The SEMA Show

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PROVO, Utah, Nov. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hypercraft is an innovative new player in the EV space, supplying complete, turn-key electric vehicle powertrain systems for high-performance racing and power sports vehicles.

The future of off-road vehicle is electric. Hypercraft and Geiser Brothers are leading the way. Trophy Truck prototype.
The future of off-road vehicle is electric. Hypercraft and Geiser Brothers are leading the way. Trophy Truck prototype.

The future of off-road vehicles is electric! Join Hypercraft and Geiser Brothers SEMA as they unveil the future.

Geiser Brothers has been the world leader in building race-proven, championship-winning off-road car and truck chassis for the last two decades.

Today, Hypercraft and Geiser Brothers announced a partnership to develop the world's first unlimited EV desert race truck to go head-to-head against internal combustion engines in some of the world's most grueling long distance desert races. The incredible 1,600 horsepower race truck will be featured in the North Hall at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, November 2–5. Come see what the future of electric vehicles in the off-road space looks like and get a sneak peek at the incredible technology and early development of this revolutionary new vehicle. Hypercraft and Geiser Brothers are ready to prove that electric and battery technology have the power to win and revolutionize not only the off-road racing world, but all other high-performance motorsports and powersports vehicles on the planet.

"Geiser Brothers has been building and innovating off-road racing trucks for two decades, and electrification is the logical next step for our company," said Rick Geiser, founder and CEO of the Arizona-based manufacturer. "With more desert racing truck wins than all other builders combined, we felt it was important to work with a company who is unafraid to take bold steps into the future. That is why we've partnered with Hypercraft."

Hypercraft founders Eric Ream, Jake Hawksworth, Jon Miller, and their team, combine decades of experience in product development and marketing — with specific industry experience relating to high performance vehicles. They bring a specialized approach, capitalizing on recent innovations in EV technologies to deliver higher energy density, range, endurance, and performance to the real demands of high-throttle-use vehicles. Off-road racing is the perfect environment to test emerging technologies — offering the best competitors and the most extreme conditions. It is the ideal proving ground for Hypercraft to prove EV technology is here, ready to compete, and ready to win.

"EV propulsion offers many benefits that make the race truck experience much safer, quieter, and more cost efficient — with fewer moving parts, and greater reliability," explains Jake Hawksworth, Founder and CEO of Hypercraft. "Many people are excited about EV performance, but the public wants to see that high performance applications are reliable, have the endurance, and are widely available to builders, innovators, and specialty manufacturers like Geiser Brothers," said Mr. Hawksworth. "Hypercraft is here to show that the technology is available now. We are excited to play a significant role in changing consumer perceptions, and providing EV accessibility to everyone."

Hypercraft projects the full release of their electric propulsion system by February 2022 . The SEMA Show is one of only two venues to get an early look at the product before official launch.

Electric desert racing trucks may very well be the most unique and innovative products of this year's show. So stop by, talk to the Hypercraft team, and gain insight into electric's bright future — a future that's already arrived. Pre-orders and distribution options will be available.

For media inquiries or more information please contact Brooklyn Stephan at brooklyn@hypercraftusa.com.

About Hypercraft
Hypercraft is the only EV industry supplier of complete, turn-key electric vehicle powertrain systems for manufacturers of high-performance vehicles. Their mission is to show the world that EV technology is viable today, and can replace gas powered engines based upon the merits of its performance and range. Hypercraft is a proactive solution that eliminates pollution, noise, and maintenance costs associated with gas-powered engines. Hypercraft will be the first company in the world to offer builders an electric option — accelerating adoption of electric vehicle powertrain systems. For more information visit hypercraftusa.com

About Geiser Brothers
Brothers Rick and Jeff Geiser are the driving forces behind the success of their iconic, family-built, off-road racing business — Geiser Brothers. For the last two decades, they've been designing and developing winning race trucks while simultaneously taking home more desert racing truck victories than all other builders combined. Their legacy of winning has made the Geiser Brothers name synonymous with champions. For more information visit geiserbros.com


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