TikTok reacts to husband reminding wife to ‘tuck in’ her belly for photos: ‘I would be mortified’

A woman is showing her husband some appreciation for always looking out for her while posing for photos.

The user @sairaayan__ has certain standards regarding pictures, which her husband helps her meet. She joked about how he was always there to remind her to “tuck in” her stomach. The funny video racked up over 2 million views on TikTok.

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“When you’re taking pictures and he reminds you to tuck in your belly,” the video text read.

The couple posed for a photo together. Then he tapped her belly, and she readjusted her pose.

While some were quick to accuse her husband of body-shaming, she explained it was more like a silent pact or inside joke between them.

“My friend does this to me because she knows I’ll look back at the pictures and not like them,” a user replied. The TikToker replied, “Yess that’s why. We’ve been married 2 years and he’s my bestfriend, he knows I’ll hate the picture afterwards if I looked hella bloated.”

She explained that she was the one who told him to remind her to tuck her tummy in for pics.

“I’m literally more than fine with it. I more than appreciate everyone coming to my defence tho,” she added.

“People who say it’s messed up and wrong are people who aren’t married this is perfectly normal he wants her to look good,” another commented.

“My husband does this too because I would be mortified if he didn’t,” someone commented.

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